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UltraSilver® Additive Technology

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Prevent Bacterial Growth with UltraSilver®

UltraSilver® is an antibacterial additive for decorative paint coatings designed for the application to the walls, ceilings and floors of domestic houses, hospitals, food processing establishments, schools, kitchens and other situations where potentially pathogenic bacteria may accumulate and a high degree of cleanliness is of absolute importance.

Kitchen walls decorated with UltraSilver Additive in the paint.

UltraSilvr anti bacterial additive used in kitchen wall paint


The UltraSilver® contains Silver, a unique active ingredient, which has been proven to kill most types of bacteria including "super bugs".

Hospital corridor painted with UltraSilver®

UltraSilvr anti bacterial additive used in hospital corridor paint

Where surfaces are subjected to severe wear, traffic or constant cleaning the antibacterial properties of the UltraSilver® are constantly replenished, providing ongoing protection against bacteria throughout the normal service life of the coating.

Food Processing Plants need sterile walls

UltraSilvr anti bacterial additive used in food processing plant paint

Distilleries have to eliminate stray bacteria

UltraSilvr anti bacterial additive used in distillery plant wall paint

In conjunction with a good cleaning practices the UltraSilver® is an ideal solution for the maintenance of a hygienic environment.

Operating Theatre painted with UltraSilver®

With food contact approval and optional Class 0 surface spread of flame (BS476: Part 6&7) the UltraSilver® additive can be added to all types of paint.

To Buy UltraSilver Additive

UltraSilver Paint Additive - 50cc - concentrate to add to 2.5 litres of any paint - £10.85 plus VAT -

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