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Anti Bacterial Paint Additive - for oil and water based paints

Boron based treatments - for woodworm and rot

Brake Roller Re-gritting Resin Kits - for re-gritting MOT Brake Test Rollers and Potato Peeler Drums

MOT Brake Roller Resin and Grit - refurbishment kit for rollers - for re-gritting MOT Brake Test Rollers and Potato Peeler Drums

Consultancy - help and advice from our qualified Remedial Surveyors

Consult our Surveyors - about our service and fees

Damp treatments - silicone cream injection

Deck treatments - clean and protect decking

Dry Rot - identification and treatment

Epoxy Resins - resins for building repair

Fire Fabrics - fire and heat resistant fabrics as barriers, welding blankets, dividers

Fire Retardant Paints - paint or varnish wood, plaster, masonry and steel to protect in a fire

Fire Door Upgrades - upgrading ordinary solid wood doors to 30 Minutes of fire resistance

Fire Standards - British and European Fire Standards, how to reach them with paint and varnish

Fire Retardant for Bare Wood - a clear soak in coating, where natural wood appearance is required

Glulam Beam Repair kits - new sections to fit rotted Glulam beams in situ
Heat Resistant Paints - heat resisting finishes in paint or varnish for plaster, concrete, wood or most metals

Joinery Manufacturing - cutting, gluing, machining, wood CNC

Joist Repair Kits - metal plates for repairing rotted wooden joists

Laminating Wood - lamination service, any shape

Laminating - manufacture of laminated beams and repair sections

Machining Wood - CNC wood cutting to any shape

Machining wood - call us in the Woodworking Machine Shop on 01626 331351 to discuss your project

Membranes - for damp walls and floors, cellars and basements

Metal Plates and Brackets - fabricated 'shoes' and brackets for wooden beams

Rust prevention coating - stops rust on metal without removing the rust itself

Steel Fire Protection Paints - free calculation and specification service

Timber Repair - how to repair rot in structural beams without removing them

Woodworm Forum - your Q & A Website for all woodworm treatment questions

Woodworm Treatments - woodworm killer liquids, gels and pastes

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